June 13, 2019

Ford 6R140 Valve Body Identification Guide

Casting YearLower Casting NumberUpper Casting NumberSeparator PlateCooler Bypass Valve
Middle'14–'17RFFC3P-7A101-BARFFC3P-7A092-BAV or C NotchYes
Late'17-LaterRFFC3P-7A101-BARFFC3P-7A092-BADouble V NotchBlocked

Note: Sonnax remanufactured valve body F06R140 incorporates updates that allow it to be used to replace both early- and middle-style variations of the Ford 6R140 units that use a cooler bypass valve. Sonnax does not currently offer a replacement valve body for late-style units with a blocked cooler bypass valve.

Lower Casting

Separator Plate ID

Cooler Bypass Valve

Upper Casting

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