September 10, 2019

Protect Against 6T40 & 6T70 3-5-R Failures & Salvage Damaged Drums with Sonnax Drum Saver Kits

Presented by Sonnax

Sonnax 3-5-R Drum Saver Kit​​​​​​​Anyone who has ever worked on GM Gen. 1 6T40/45/50 and 6T70/75 transmissions is familiar with the problem of the 3-5-R waved plate breaking in ’07–’09 models. It’s not uncommon in later units, either. 

You can stop worrying about broken plates and even salvage damaged drums when you replace every one with a Sonnax drum saver kit. The combination of an improved waved plate and custom steel plate work together for top-notch protection against comebacks.

Watch this video to learn how these simple, affordable kits improve the quality of any 6T40 or 6T70 series rebuild. Смотреть видео на русском

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